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I have a dear friend who is a single parent.  At age 8 her son is bullied at school.  He is a most tender heart, who is born again and baptized.   This week he really took  it to heart and ended up in the ER.

As a christian we know the thing to do is trust in God for the answers.  As a mother this makes us fighting mad!  When I went to see this little one in the hospital I assured him God was going to use this in a good way, maybe he will be a christian counselor one day, or a missionary in a third world country.  He smiled and shook his head as if they were both good ideas.

That very day he was offered a very low tuition fee at a  Christian school.  I was not there when I gave his mother the news, but she was overjoyed and I pictured him jumping for joy.  (that I cannot verify)  There he will hopefully flourish among the other children and for Jesus.

Let us pray for the parents who have children that bully and the children themselves that they will one day know the Lord as their personal Savior and know love not hate.

Thank you for your prayers.

In Christ’s love, heartfulandhopeful


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